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Refresher facial – includes cleanse, tone, skin polish, softening & hydrating mask, scalp massage and moisturiser (25 minutes) £28.00

Full relaxing facial, includes everything in the Refresher facial plus a deeply relaxing, 20 minute uplifting and skin nourishing face and neck massage (50 minutes) £47.00

Body Treatments

Back, neck & shoulder Swedish massage. Revive tired, aching muscles, and relax mind and body (25 minutes) £25.00

Full body Swedish massage. Experience deep relaxation with this soothing treatment that will work tired, aching muscles, and release built up body tension (50 minutes) £44.00

Body scrub exfoliation, removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth (25 minutes) £25.00

Talking Time

A talking session combining NLP and colour therapy techniques, including consultation & review. Ideal if emotional and lifestyle issues are holding you back and you want to feel happier and achieve more. One hour £48.00.

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